Tank Cleaning

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning

“Oil Sludge Treatment Recovery Method”

This method can effectively reduce the sludge volume and recycle the recovered oil.

After Crude-Oil-Washing and Hot-Water-Washing, the sludge may still remain inside the tank due to its structure.

The remained sludge is recovered through strainers, separator and decanter that segregates oil sludge and water.

“COW+ Hot water Washing + Oil Sludge Treatment Recovery Method”

Adapting this method, working hours will be shortened and the recovered oil can be recycled safely and beneficially.
The method can:

①Arrest the sludge from transporting dissolved oil during crude oil washing.

②Reduce the floating sludge volume inside transferred-tank.

③Reduce the remained sludge volume inside tank after completion of cleaning.

④Reduce the sludge volume that comes from automatic strainer, separator and oil/water separation tank.

“COW:Crude Oil Washing Method”

This is the common method for crude oil or heavy fuel oil tank cleaning.

After transporting remained oil by pumps, as soon as roof supports reach to the bottom plate, Nitrogen gas is filled and the density of Oxygen should be kept less than 5VOL%.

COW method is to break up and dissolve accumulated sludge by using fresh crude oil from nozzles of cleaning machines.
In addition, to increase cleaning efficiency, dissolved oil will be transferred to other storage tank through strainers, separator and decanter.

This Closed-Cycle Cleaning needs a pair of tanks for each operation.